Maths Class 10 Chapter 15 Probability CBSE / NCERT

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Chapter 15 Probability

Section NameTopic Name
15.2A Theoretical Approach
Chapter 15 Probability in Maths

Class 10 Chapter 15 Probability in Maths NCERT

A piggy bank contains hundred 50 p coins, fifty ₹ 1 coins, twenty ₹ 2 coins and ten ₹ 5 coins. If it is equally likely that one of the coins will fall out when the bank is turned upside down, what is the probability that the coin
(i) will be a 50 p coin?
(ii) will not be a ₹ 5 coin?

Gopi buys a fish from a shop for his aquarium. The shopkeeper takes out one fish at random from a tank containing 5 male fish and 8 female fish (see figure). What is the probability that the fish taken out is a male fish?

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