Cookie Run Kingdom Coupon Codes June 2024 | How do I redeem Cookie Run

Cookie Run Kingdom Coupon: Kingdom Coupon Code June 2024 Month shared on this page It really works: All players playing this game are already searching for new redeem codes that you can use to level up free crystals, and gems, EXP can get jelly experience.

Character codes or any in-game rewards that will help you unlock various cookies and game-level resources to expand your kingdom. Please watch this page till the end and don’t miss any promo codes Also see how to redeem these new CRK Star Jelly codes.

Game NameCookie Run Kingdom (CRK)
New Coupon codes added onJune 2024
BenefitsFree Crystals, Star Jellies, EXP jelly, sugar gnomes, Gems, Diamonds, and More in-game rewards
Redeem code
Cookie Run Kingdom Coupon

New Cookie Run: Kingdom codes June 2024

Cookie Run Kingdom redeem codes


Expired Cookie Run Kingdom Coupon Codes (100% Working) June 2024

Cookie run: Kingdom CodesCRK Rewards
CRKWELCOMEDISNEYRedeem for 3,000 crystals (NEW)
CRKBEHINDNFUTURERedeem for experience, aurora items, gold, cookie cutters, rainbow cubes, gems, and radiant shards
TIKTOK1MFOLLOWERRedeem for free rewards
DEVNOW40MKINGDOMRedeem for free rewards
2022PPLSCHOICETYRedeem for free rewards
COOKIELIVECOUPONRedeem for three treasure tickets, three 30-minute speed-ups, two magic cookie cutters, two special cookie cutters, 30 EXP star jellies lv. 6, 300 rainbow cubes, and 1,500 Crystals
0224CRKDARKCACAORedeem for 3,000 crystals
CK1STANNIVERSARYRedeem for 5k crystals and 3k rainbow cubes
WEMADECKTOGETHERRedeem for 3000 crystals
GOMAGICOVENEVENTRedeem for 500 crystals
CRK1STBIRTHDAYD1Redeem for 1,000 crystals
CRK1STBIRTHDAYD2Redeem for 3 Special Cookie Cutters
CRK1STBIRTHDAYD3Redeem for 100 EXP Star Jelles Lv. 6
CRK1STBIRTHDAYD4Redeem for 30 Time Jumpers
CRK1STBIRTHDAYD5Redeem for 3 Aurora Compasses, Pillars, and Bricks
CRK1STBIRTHDAYD6Redeem for 3 Magic Cookie Cutters
CRK1STBIRTHDAYD7Redeem for 500 Rainbow Cubes
SAMSUNGCRKINGDOMRedeem for 1,000 crystals
2021KRGAMEAWARDSRedeem for 1,000 rainbow cubes, 1000 cold crystals, and 5,000 crystals
KINGDOMNBLUECLUBRedeem for 500 crystals
30MILLIONKINGDOMRedeem for 3,000 rainbow cubes and 3,000 crystals
REALTOUGHCOOKIESRedeem for 500 crystals
KINGDOMWITHSONICRedeem for 1000 crystals
GETUR1SUGARGNOMERedeem for one sugar gnomes
GETUR3SUGARGNOMERedeem for three sugar gnomes
GETUR5SUGARGNOMERedeem for Five sugar gnomes
GETUR7SUGARGNOMERedeem for Seven sugar gnomes
GETUR9SUGARGNOMERedeem for Nine sugar gnomes
GETUR11SUGARGNOMERedeem for Eleven sugar gnomes
Cookie Run Kingdom Coupon Codes
Cookie Run Kingdom Coupon Codes
Cookie Run Kingdom Coupon Codes

How to Redeem Cookie Run Kingdom Codes June 2024?

1. To find the Player ID, Open the Cookie run kingdom on your mobile device
2. Go to the “Setting” option
3. Go to the “INFO” Section and look at the user info part
4. Copy your User ID then go to
5. Search for the “Coupon Code” link available
6. You will redirect to a new website i.e
7. Enter your DEVPLAY i.e Player ID and 16 characters Coupon code on the Empty text field
8. Click on “Claim Rewards
9. Rewards will be credited to your account
10. Re-open the game and claim that rewards before get expired


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