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Science Model Paper 1 Class 10

Science Model Paper

Science Model Paper for class 10

  1. List two difference between acquired and inherited traits.
  2. Explain why
    1. Danger signals are red in colour?
    2. Convex mirrors are commonly used as rear-view mirrors.
  3. what is meant by power of accommodation od the eyes? how is it related to the focal length of the eye lens?
  4. the water in deep-sea appears blue sea appears blue. explain why?
  5. How are power and focal length of a lend related?
  6. what is vegetative propagation? list two advantages of vegetative propagation.
  7.  explain
    1. Draw a labeled diagram od a human male reproductive system.
    2. State the role of seminal vesicles and prostate gland.
    3. What is vasectomy?
    4. Draw longitudinal section of a flower.
    5. Give a difference between Vereen gamete and zygote. explain their role in sexual.
  8. Give the name and molecular formula of a higher homologue of propane.
  9. a person cannot see object kept beyond 2 m distinctly. find the power of correcting lens.
  10. what is biological magnification?
  11. what is metalloid? name any two metalloids.
  12. Draw ray diagram
    1. myopic eye
    2.  Hypermetropic eye
  13. what is catenation.
  14. write any two isomers of heptane
  15. a lens produces and erect image of size 15 mm, when an object of size 6 mm placed 15 cm from its optical center.

Science Model Paper

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