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NCERT Solution for Class 10 Science All chapter Notes and Q&A

NCERT Class 10 Science Solution for all Chapter Notes Mind Map key points are prepared to help students in their exam preparation.

Class 10 Science Chemistry Chapter 1 to 5th Solution

  1. Chemical Reactions And Equations
  2. Chemical Equations
  3. Types Of Chemical Reactions
  1. Acids, Bases And Salts
  2. Understanding The Chemical Properties Of Acids And Bases
  3. What Do All Acids And All Bases Have In Common?
  4. How Strong Are Acid Or Base Solutions?
  5. More About Salts
  1. Physical Properties of Metals And Non-Metals
  2. Chemical Properties Of Metals
  3. What happens when metals are burnt in air?
  4. What happens when metals react with water?
  5. What happens when metals react with acids?
  6. How do metals react with solutions of other Metal Salts
  7. The Reactivity Series
  8. How do Metals and Non-Metals react?
  9. Properties of Ionic Compounds
  10. Occurrence of metals
    1. Extraction of metals
    2. Enrichment of Ores
    3. Extracting Metals Low in the Activity Series
    4. Extracting Metals in the Middle of the activities Series
    5. Extracting Metals towards the top of the Activity Series
    6. Refining of Metals
  11. Corrosion
    1. Prevention of Corrosion
  1. Carbon And Its Compounds
  2. Bonding In Carbon – The Covalent Bond
  3. Chemical Properties Of Carbon Compounds
  4. Some Important Carbon Compounds – Ethanol And Ethanoic Acid
  5. Soaps And Detergents
  1. Dobereiner’s
  2. TriadsNewland’s
  3. Law of Octaves
  4. Limitations of Newland’s
  5. Law of Octaves
  6. Mendeleev’s Periodic Table
  7. Mendeleev’s Periodic Law
  8. Periodicity of Properties
  9. Limitations of Mendeleev’s Periodic Table
  10. The Modern Periodic Table
  11. Modern Period Law

Class 10 Science Biology Solutions for chapter 6 to 9th

  1. Life Processes
  2. What Are Life Processes?
  3. Nutrition
  4. Respiration
  5. Transportation
  6. Excretion
  1. Control And Coordination
  2. Animals – Nervous System
  3. Coordination In Plants
  4. Hormones In Animals
  1. How Do Organisms Reproduce?
  2. Do Organisms Create Exact Copies Of Themselves?
  3. Modes Of Reproduction Used By Single Organisms
  4. Sexual Reproduction
  1. Heredity And Evolution
  2. Accumulation Of Variation During Reproduction
  3. Heredity
    1. Inherited Traits
    2. Rules for the Inheritance of Traits – Mendel’s Contributions
    3. How do these traits get Expressed
    4. Sex Determination
  4. Evolution
    1. An Illustration
    2. Acquired and Inherited Traits
  5. Speciation
  6. Evolution And Classification
    1. Tracing Evolutionary Relationships
    2. Fossils
    3. Evolution by Stages
  7. Evolution Should Not Be Equated With ‘Progress’
    1. Human Evolution

Class 10 Science physics Chapter 10 to 12 Solutions

  1. Light – Reflection And Refraction
  2. Reflection Of Light
  3. Spherical Mirrors
  4. Refraction Of Light
  1. The Human Eye And The Colourful World
  2. The Human Eye
  3. Defects Of Vision And Their Correction
  4. Refraction Of Light Through A Prism
  5. Dispersion Of White Light By A Glass Prism
  6. Atmospheric Refraction
  7. Scattering Of Light
  1. Electricity
  2. Electric Current And Circuit
  3. Electric Potential And Potential Difference
  4. Circuit Diagram
  5. Ohm’S Law
  6. Factors On Which The Resistance Of A Conductor Depends
  7. Resistance Of A System Of Resistors
  8. Heating Effect Of Electric Current
  9. Electric Power
  1. Magnetic Effects Of Electric Current
  2. Magnetic Field And Field Lines
  3. Magnetic Field Due To A Current-Carrying Conductor
  4. Force On A Current-Carrying Conductor In A Magnetic Field
  5. Electric Motor
  6. Electromagnetic Induction
  7. Electric Generator
  8. Domestic Electric Circuits
  1. Sources Of Energy
  2. What Is A Good Source Of Energy?
  3. Conventional Sources Of Energy
  4. Alternative Or Non-Conventional Sources Of Energy
  5. Environmental Consequences
  6. How Long Will An Energy Source Last Us?
  1. Our Environment
  2. Eco-System — What Are Its Components?
  3. How Do Our Activities Affect The Environment?
  1. Sustainable Management Of Natural Resources
  2. Why Do We Need To Manage Our Resources?
  3. Forests And Wildlife
  4. Water For All
  5. Coal And Petroleum
  6. An Overview Of Natural Resource Management

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