New Fortnite Update 19.30 Patch Notes Detail Motion Controls On New Platforms

New Fortnite Update : Fortnite is in motion with the 19.30 patch notes — literally. With the new update, players on the new platform can use motion controls previously only seen on Switch and Android platforms. The gyroscopic targeting and “flick stick” controls, created by input specialist Julian “Jib” Smart, are now playable on PS4, PS5 and PC for the first time and have been improved on Switch and Android. Here’s a rundown of those new accessibility features and everything else in the 19.30 patch.

New Fortnite Update 19.30 Patch Notes Detail Motion Controls On New Platforms
New Fortnite Update 19.30 Patch

New Fortnite Update 19.30 Patch Notes

Optional motion controls can be found in the Options menu in Fortnite’s “Touch and Motion” page. With these features enabled, players turn the controller to adjust the camera on their screen – think of it like a bow shot in Breath of the Wild. Flick was created by Stick Smart when it proposed to Epic that it could improve Fortnite’s motion controls. Epic liked the idea, and so here it is. All the earlier platforms have also received these updates along with the motion control options.

With flick stick controls enabled, the gyroscopic motion controls can be complemented with a flick of the right stick that acts to quickly reset the camera in a way that gives players the best of both worlds for their control scheme. Gives the cool element- the precision of the gyro control with the snappy flick stick. You can learn more about how these controls work from the manufacturer itself.

In addition to the new accessibility features, Epic removed the traditional landing page from Fortnite. Players no longer have to select Save the World, Battle Royale or Creative Mode upon entering the game. Thanks to the improved search page that debuted last year, Epic is now comfortable throwing players into the lobby, and from there, players can load in any game mode of their choice, while defaulting to their most recently played mode. can do.

New Fortnite Update Bug fixes

The 19.30 patch also fixes a few things in-game. Here New Fortnite Update is the complete list:

  • Fixed an issue involving some players, with only two tent slots available, as opposed to the intended three.
  • Fixed an issue on mobiles not involving build pieces after players double-tap the corresponding icon.
  • Fixed an issue – occurring only in competitive playlists – which involved leaving Spider-Man’s web shooters with a full 20 uses from eliminated players, even though they didn’t have a full 20 before the player was finished. be.
  • Fortnite controller update is now allowing console players to aim exactly like KBM

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