RAID Shadow Legends promo codes July 2024 | How to get free Silver, XP Boosts & more

RAID Shadow Legends promo codes: Welcome to our comprehensive guide on RAID Shadow Legends promo codes! If you’re a fan of this highly addictive and visually stunning RPG game, then you’re in for a treat. We’ve gathered the most up-to-date and exclusive promo codes that will give you a significant advantage in your journey through the realms of Teleria.

RAID Shadow Legends promo codes

RAID Shadow Legends promo codes (July 2024)

ARBITER (iOS only)3 Full Energy Refills, 100% XP Boost for three days (NEW)
Choice (iOS only)3 Energy Refills, 50 Multi-Battle Attempts, 100% XP Boost (NEW)
DragonEgg1 Energy Refill, 100,000 Silver, 50 Multi-Battle Attempts
PAYPALRAID2023Sanctum Protector, 5 Spirit Brews, 100,000 Silver, 1 day XP Boost, 1 Energy Refill
Demolish1 Energy Refill, 300,000 Silver, 1 Day XP Boost, 50 Multi-Battle Attempts
GAMESGEEKSSPRING1 Energy Refill, 200,000 Silver, 1 Greater Spirit Potion, 1 Greater Arcane Potion, 1 Greater Void Potion, 1 Greater Force Potion
GETUDKUltimate Deathknight, 20 Force XP Brews, 20 Greater Potion (New accounts only)
SUPERPOWERSDeacon Armstrong, 1 Epic Book, 200,000 Silver, 24 Magic XP Brews (New accounts only) (Plarium Play only)
LADYQUNLady Qullen, Silver (New accounts only) (iOS and Android only)
POWERSTARTEREnergy, Talia, Silver (New accounts only)
LUCKYRAID Chonoru, 300,000 Silver (New accounts only)
Raid22ya2100,000 Silver, 10x of each Brew (New accounts only)
MORDECAIMordecai (New accounts only) (Android only)

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How to redeem RAID Shadow Legends promo codes

Redeeming codes in the game can be quite tricky if you’re not aware of the process, so simply follow these steps to ensure you waste no time in getting your rewards:

  • Launch Raid Shadow Legends and click on the three-lined button at the top right corner of your screen.
  • Click on the Gift Code option from the menu that pops up on your screen.
  • Copy any active codes from the chart above and paste them into the Enter Code dialog box.
  • Click on the claim button to get the respective rewards.
RAID Shadow Legends promo codes

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