8 delicious sweets from 8 Indian states

1. Andhra Pradesh - Pootharekulu Kunda The name ‘Pootharekulu’ means sugar-coated wraps. It is made from thin rice paper/sheets that are stuffed with sugar. The texture is so fine that it melts right in your mouth. Just one bite will never be enough and you will crave for more.

2. Arunachal Pradesh – Khapse Khapse is a traditional dish made specially during the Losar Festival. To make this dish, the flour is kneaded with warm water, made into different shapes, sizes and twists and then deep fried in mustard oil. It is then stored in a bamboo container for about a year.

3. Assam – Narikol Laru One of the best Indian sweets, Narikol Laru is simply delicious. Narikol Laru means coconut laddoos. They are also known as “loskora”. Ground coconut and sugar are rolled into ball-like shapes and are enjoyed by topping them with dry fruits or tutty fruity and more.

4. Bihar – Thekua If you ask native Bihar residents about their favourite sweet dish and the most popular dessert of the state, the most common reply you will get is Thekua. Also known as thokwa or thekariis, this dish is a deep-fried biscuit-like texture made from ghee, atta and sugar/jaggery.

5. Chhattisgarh – Khurma Khurma is a famous sweet dish from the state of Chattisgarh. It is prepared with milk and vermicelli noodles. The vermicelli is first roasted and then added to the boiling water along with sugar syrup and rich dry fruits. It is easily one of the best desserts in India.

6. Goa – Bebinca Bebinca, a layered cake/pudding is the most loved dessert in Goa. It is a mixture of wheat flour, nutmeg, egg yolk, coconut, caster sugar and some salt. One of the best ways to enjoy it is with a generous serving of ice cream.

7. Rajasthan – Ghevar Ghevar is the headliner on Rajasthani and Indian desserts list. Ghevar is a disc-shaped sweet dish made from ghee, flour, and sugar syrup. It is traditionally prepared in the month of Shravan and the Teej and Raksha Bandhan festivals.

8. Haryana - Alsi Pinni Alsi Pinni translates to Flaxseed Laddoos. They are cooked with wheat flour, ghee, sugar and dry fruits. The mixture is later rolled to form laddoos. It is not just delicious but as also a healthy dessert.