MCQ Questions for Class 12 Geography for All Chapter

The two main branches of geography are (a) Economic and Social (b) Physical and Urban (c) Political and Historical (d) Physical and Human Answer: (d) Physical and Human

Main feature of Early Colonial period is: (a) the discovery and exploration of new areas (b) identifying the uniqueness of any region (c) phase of the quantitative revolution (d) grand generalisations and the applicability of universal theories Answer: (a) the discovery and exploration of new areas

Which of these is not a characteristic of the study of Geography? (a) Integrative (b) Practical (c) Idealistic (d) Empirical Answer: (c) Idealistic

Who first used the term Geography? (a) Hipparchus (b) Hecataeus (c) Herodotus (d) Eratosthenes Answer: (d) Eratosthenes

What looses the shackles of environment on human belongs? Ans. Technology