MTG Arena Mobile Redeem Codes Today April 2024

MTG Arena Mobile Redeem Codes: The Gathering Arena is a free digital cards game that Wizards of the Coast has been developing and MTG Arena Mobile Redeem Codes Today April 2024.

MTG Arena Mobile Redeem Codes Today April 2024

MTG Arena Mobile Redeem Codes Today April 2024
MTG Arena Mobile Redeem April 2024

Magic The Gathering: Arena has taken the long-running card game into the digital realm, and MTG Arena promo codes can earn you some sweet, free XP, cosmetics, Packs, and cards to build your deck in 2022.

MTG Arena Booster Pack Codes April 2024

CodeRewardExpiration Date
PlayRavnica3 Guilds of Ravnica packsJuly 1, 2020*
PLAYWARSPARK3 War of the Spark packsJuly 1, 2020*
PlayM203 Core Set 2020 packsJuly 1, 2020*
PlayEldraine3 Throne of Eldraine packsJuly 1, 2020*
PlayTheros3 Theros Beyond Death packsUnknown
PlayIkoria3 Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths packsUnknown
PLAYM213 Core Set 2021 packsUnknown
PlayZendikar3 Zendikar Rising Booster PacksUnknown
TryKaladesh1 Kaladesh Remastered booster packUnknown
PlayKaldheim3 Kaldheim Booster PacksUnknown
PlayStrixhaven3 Strixhaven: School of Mages Booster PacksUnknown
PlayDND3 D&D: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Booster PacksUnknown
PlayMID3 Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Booster PacksUnknown
PlayVOW3 Innistrad: Crimson Vow Booster PacksUnknown
PlayNEO3 Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Booster PacksUnknown
PlayNEOAlchemy3 Kamigawa Alchemy Booster PacksUnknown
PlaySNC3 Streets of New Capenna Booster PacksUnknown
PlayAlchemyNewCapenna3 Alchemy: New Capenna Booster PacksUnknown

Quick note: While the “PlayRavnica,” “PLAYWARSPARK,” “PlayM20,” and “PlayEldraine” codes were set to expire on July 1, 2020, they seem to still be working!

MTG Arena Cosmetic Codes

CodeRewardExpiration Date
ENLIGHTENMENarset, Parter of Veils (WAR) glass card styleJanuary 1, 2023
FOILFUNGUSDeathbloom Thallid (M19) card styleJanuary 1, 2023
INNERDEMONOb Nixilis, the Hate-Twisted (WAR) glass card styleJanuary 1, 2023
OVERTHEMOONArlinn, Voice of the Pack (WAR) glass card styleJanuary 1, 2023
PARALLAXPOTIONRevitalize (M19) card styleJanuary 1, 2023
SHIELDSUPTeyo, the Shieldmage (WAR) glass card styleJanuary 1, 2023
SHINYGOBLINPIRATEFanatical Firebrand (M19) card styleJanuary 1, 2023
SPARKLEDRUIDDruid of the Cowl (M19) card styleJanuary 1, 2023
SUPERSCRYOpt (M19) card styleJanuary 1, 2023
WRITTENINSTONENahiri, Storm of Stone (WAR) glass card styleJanuary 1, 2023
FNMATHOMEPromo pack with two cosmeticsUnknown
RockJocksLorehold college card sleevesUnknown
DebateDuelistsSilverquill college card sleevesUnknown
MathWhizzesQuandrix college card sleevesUnknown
SwampPunksWitherbloom college card sleevesUnknown
ArtClubPrismari college card sleevesUnknown
InformationIsPowerStreets of New Capenna family sleevesUnknown
CrimeIsAnArtFormStreets of New Capenna family sleevesUnknown
AlwaysFinishTheJobStreets of New Capenna family sleevesUnknown
FunIsntFreeStreets of New Capenna family sleevesUnknown
ReadTheFinePrintStreets of New Capenna family sleevesUnknown
ObscuraConniveStreets of New Capenna family sleevesUnknown
RiveteerBlitzStreets of New Capenna family sleevesUnknown
MaestroCasualtyStreets of New Capenna family sleevesUnknown
CabarettiAllianceStreets of New Capenna family sleevesUnknown
BrokerShieldStreets of New Capenna family sleevesUnknown

Magic: The Gathering Codes (Working)

MTG Arena Mobile Redeem Codes Today April 2024 – MTG Arena

Here’s a look at all the active MTG Arena codes.

  • SuperScry—Redeem for Opt card + card style
  • ENLIGHTENME—Redeem for Narset, Parter of Veils card style
  • FNMATHOME—Redeem for two random cosmetics
  • FunIsntFree—Redeem for Cabaretti Sleeve
  • CrimeIsAnArtForm—Redeem for Maestros Sleeve
  • PlayZendikar—Redeem for 3 Zendikar Rising Packs
  • TRYKALADESH—Redeem for one Kaladesh Remastered Pack
  • PlayKaldheim—Redeem for 3 Kaladeheim Packs
  • PlayStrixhaven—Redeem for 3 Strixhaven Packs
  • LevelUp—Redeem for 2000 experience.
  • PlayEldraine—Redeem for 3 Throne of Eldraine Packs
  • PlayTheros— Redeem 3 Theros Beyond Death Packs
  • PlayIkoria—Redeem for 3 Ikoria Lair of Behemoths Packs
  • PLAYM21—Redeem for 3 Core Set 2021 Packs
  • PLAYMID—Redeem for 3 Midnight Hunt Packs
  • PLAYVOW—Redeem for 3 Crimson Vow Packs
  • PLAYNEO—Redeem for 3 Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Packs
  • PLAYNEOALCHEMY—Redeem for 3 Neon Dynasty Alchemy Packs
  • ParallaxPotion—Redeem for Revitalize card + card style
  • SparkleDruid—Redeem for Druid of the Cowl card + card style
  • OVERTHEMOON—Redeem for Arlinn, Voice of the Pack card style
  • InformationIsPower—Redeem for Obscura Sleeve 
  • INNERDEMON—Redeem for Ob Nixilis, the Hate-Twisted card style
  • SHIELDSUP—Redeem for Teyo, the Shieldmage card style
  • WRITTENINSTONE—Redeem for Nahiri, Storm of Stone card style
  • ReadTheFinePrint—Redeem for Brokers Sleeve
  • AlwaysFinishTheJob—Redeem for Riveteers Sleeve
  • FoilFungus—Redeem for Deathbloom Thallid card + card style
  • ShinyGoblinPirate—Redeem for Fanatical Firebrand card + card style
  • PLAYDND—Redeem for 3 Forgotten Realms Packs


Can you use promo codes on MTG Arena Mobile?

Unfortunately, you can‘t redeem codes directly in MTG Arena from the mobile interface, either on Android or iOS. You‘ve got a couple alternatives: Log into the desktop version of MTG Arena, either on Windows or Mac. Use the process above to redeem your codes.

Can you buy MTG Arena codes?

You can get MTG Arena unique codes from some Physical products you can purchase in stores, these can only be redeemed once. Magic the Gathering Gift Packs from 2018 and onwards contains card styles and Planeswalker decks from Guilds of Ravnica and onwards contains an exact copy of the deck.

How To Redeem Promo Codes

1. Open the game’s “Store” page, located in the top menu bar.
2. You’ll notice a small oval on the top-right of your screen which says, “Redeem Code.” Click on it!
3. Enter one of the codes below. Make sure you type them accurately since codes are case sensitive.
4. Hit “Enter”!


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