NCERT CBSE Class 6th formal letter

NCERT CBSE Class 6th formal letter

NCERT CBSE Class 6th formal letter

What is a Formal Letter?

Formal letters are letters used mainly for impersonal discourses. They are used while communicating with officials or associates with whom the writer does not share a personal relation. These letters can be recognised by their tone which is often a combination of politeness and formality and their short length.

Format of a Formal letter

NCERT CBSE Class 6th formal letter –

Sender’s Address

Date: (DD/MM/YYYY)

Salutation, (Example: Dear …,)

 Recipient’s Name, Designation &  Address

Subject: (One short sentence stating the purpose of the letter)

Introduction: (Begin by introducing yourself and the purpose of writing the letter)

Body Paragraph: (Explain the situation in detail listing factual information needed to validate your point)

Conclusion: (End the letter by restating your request or an assurance, whichever is the case)

Thanking you.

Complimentary Ending:

(Example: Yours sincerely/faithfully,) Sender’s Signature

Sender’s Name

Sender’s Designation

Points to Remember

  • The date when the letter is written is extremely important as these letters are often saved for further reference.
  • Use of modal auxiliaries implies the forcefulness of your request even while maintaining the polite tone.
  • Contact details could also include e-mail address and phone number especially where a reply is requested

Types of Formal Letters

These letters can be broadly classified into three wide categories:

  • Business letter
  • Letter to officials
  • Letter to newspaper

Tips to Writing a Formal Letter

  • The subject should address the prime purpose of the letter.
  • The letter should begin by discussing the matter at hand stated in the subject.
  • The letter should be concise and to the point by avoiding unnecessary details.
  • Complex professional jargon should be avoided where simple language is sufficient.
  • It is important to maintain a polite yet professional tone throughout the letter.
  • Cross checking for spelling or grammatical errors is always helpful.

Sample Formal Letters

Sample 1

Rani Dubey

112 Market Road Jhansi

10th March 2015

The Editor

New Horizon Times Printers Street Jhansi

Dear Sir,

Subject: Popularity of TV affecting stage plays

I would like to bring to the readers’ notice the sad decline in a much loved art form—the stage play. Once upon a time, these plays would manage to draw in large crowds. Today, however, it would be a surprise if one finds even a handful of viewers for the art form.

The plays were originally made for the masses and centred on socially relevant issues. They often reflected the socioeconomic realities of society. Their importance was recognised and they were widely appreciated. People flocked in large numbers to view plays by famous directors and play writers.

Sadly, we are facing a decimation of this wonderful form of art thanks to the rising popularity of television shows. Our minds are no longer receptive to the thought-provoking excellence of plays. We are trained to relish the vapid melodrama which has been served in the name of television entertainment. Once a powerful instrument of social change, stage plays are now fading into oblivion.

Yours sincerely, Rani Dubey

Sample 2

Saurabh Sawant 12, Rampat Heights

Pune 400 089

23rd March 2015

The Manager

Eyelit Editors and Publishers Pune 400 089

Dear Sir/Madam,

Subject: Application for job

With reference to your advertisement in the New Era Newspaper dated 21st March 2015, I would like to apply for the position of copy editor available in your company. I graduated with single majors in English Literature securing 55% in 2012. I also have one year experience in content creation and two years experience in editing.

I really hope to be a positive and beneficial addition to your firm should you employ me. I am

known for my dedication and resourcefulness which pushes me to give 100%. I am a quick reader and

have a keen eye for detail. I am able to spot errors or discrepancies quite effectively. I constantly strive to achieve excellence and never leave any job unfinished.

I am attaching a copy of my resume along with photocopies of my degrees for your reference. My resume contains my contact details along with my qualifications. Kindly write back to me with your decision. I look forward to receiving your positive reply.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely, Saurabh Sawant

Sample 3

Prakash Kambli

11, Patwardhan Heights

Bandra, Mumbai 400 056

17th September 2015

Mrs Navin The Principal

New Convent High School Pali Hill, Mumbai 400 056

Dear Madam,

Subject: Leave for religious occasion

I, the undersigned parent of Anuja P. Kambli studying in Class VII Div. B, request you to grant her leave from 23rd to 29th September as we have to visit our native place for a religious occasion.

The religious function occurs once in every ten years. Therefore, we are forced to make this trip in the middle of the academic year.

I assure you that she will complete her studies once we return and make up for the time spent on leave. Kindly accept my request and grant her leave.

Thanking you,

Sincerely, Prakash Kambli

Sample 4

Kunal Shah Class VI Div B

Anand High School Mumbai 400 015

5th June 2015

The Principal Anand High School Mumbai 400 015

Subject: Extra Math classes for weak students

Dear Sir,

I am the class leader of Class VI Div B. I wish to bring to your notice that there are quite a few students in my class who are weak in Mathematics. They find it difficult to follow the topics explained. Most of them cannot afford to go for tuitions to catch up with the studies.

I request you to see if anything can be done. I would be grateful if you could arrange for some classes after school to help them catch up with their studies.

In anticipation of your reply, I remain,

Yours obediently, Kunal Shah

Sample 5

Ajay Gupta

R. J. Internationals Sterling Chambers Pune 500 016

2nd  June 2014

Ms Pooja Shah 15 Ratan Nagar Rai Bazaar Marg Pune 500 016

Subject: Appointment Letter

Dear Pooja,

With reference to your interview held on the 25th of May 2014, we are pleased to inform you that you have been selected to fill in the position of Assistant Sales Manager.

Your joining date is 16th June 2014 (Monday) and you are expected to be present in the office by

10.00 am. A written copy stating the approval of your salary package will be given to you within a week of your joining.

You will also receive a copy of our company’s rules and regulations and are expected to abide by them failing which your employment will be terminated. Feel free to contact me in case of any discrepancy or doubt.

We look forward to having a long successful professional relationship with you.

Yours sincerely, Ajay Gupta

HR Dept.

R. J. Internationals

Sample 6

Amit Arora,

12 Kaushik Nagar, 1st floor Jain Society Marg

Mumbai 400 089

2nd February 2015

The Editor

The Falcon Times New Era Press Road Mumbai 400 065

Dear Sir/Madam

Subject: Irresponsible Press

I write this letter to counterview the article named Shame on your Fame published in your newspaper on 1st February 2015 (Sunday). I wish to bring to your notice that Mr Atul Kamat who was criticised in the aforementioned is in fact not at all the way you have portrayed him. It is shocking to witness a reputed publishing house like yours making such a grave error.

I know Mr Atul Kamat on a personal level and can assure you that he is not a ‘Gold digger’. On the contrary, he has been a humble person since childhood. All through his schooling years he was known for his companionate nature and sensitivity towards the underprivileged. Even the knowledge he gained as an engineer was put to use to uplift the people living in the village on the outskirts of Mumbai.

He does not need to resort to corrupt practices for monitory gains. He can easily secure a well- paying job in any multinational company if he wishes. It is not difficult to gauge that his work for the poor is the cause for such anti-publicity. It is not him but the people in power against whom he struggles who are hungry for money.

I request you to look into this matter and get your facts right. I also urge you to print my letter along with an apology from your end. It is extremely important that a publishing house of your stature takes such matters seriously.

In anticipation of a speedy reply, I remain,

Yours sincerely, Amit Arora

Sample 7

Mark Andrew Class VII Div. D Model High School Trinity Road

Bandra, Mumbai 200 046

18th August 2014

The Principal Model High School Trinity Road

Bandra, Mumbai 200 046 Subject: Upgradation of library Dear Sir,

I am the monitor of Class VII Div. D and am writing this letter to request you to consider adding fictional and educational books to our school library.

It has been a recurrent complaint among the students that the school’s library does not have enough books. Only about one-third of a class gets the chance to borrow a book during the library period every week. Moreover, the books which are there are very old and tattered. It is very difficult to manage them as they keep falling apart. Most of us are thus deprived of the privilege of reading a good book. Especially the ones who cannot afford to pay for a membership at a local book store. In addition, it becomes the biggest problem when all of us need to refer to them at the same time for project work. Many of the books are so old that their language is difficult to understand.

On behalf of all my classmates and the other students of our school, I urge you to look into the matter and consider upgrading the library with the latest books.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely, Mark Andrew

Sample 8

Sumit Trivedi

Bhatya Housing Society, R. No.305 Andheri (East), Mumbai 200 065

18th May 2015

The Editor

New Wave Times Publishers Complex Colaba, Mumbai 200 099

Subject: Technology and the future generations

Dear Sir,

I write this letter chiefly to express my deep concern over the future of our younger generations. Apparently, the summer vacations which were meant for fun and games have failed to extricate children from the confines of their homes.

It is great that children today are well acquainted with technology right from an early age. They have a well-developed mind which is quick to comprehend and learn the complex workings of the latest gadgets. However, training the mind is not sufficient for all-round development. One cannot live a healthy life solely on the basis of mental strength.

Physical strength and agility is equally important. In addition, it is our responsibility to nurture the booming talent within our country. This can be achieved only when children are acquainted with the cultural arts and sports of our country at an early age. Familiarity with these from an early age will give children the opportunity to develop healthy hobbies which will accompany them for a lifetime.

Our materialistic lifestyle has driven us away from the true meaning of life. We have in turn imbibed this mindset within our children. It is high time that we take a stand against  such superficial upbringing and make an effort to secure the future of our children.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely, Sumit Trivedi

Sample 9

Priya Trivedhi 603/B, Arvi Heights

Pali Hill, Mumbai 200 055

18th August 2015

Mahesh Glass Decor Pravin Mills Compound Delhi

Subject: Delivery of damaged product

Dear Sir,

I wish to bring to your notice that the crystal chandelier which I ordered last week was damaged when it was delivered.

I received the delivery yesterday and realised on inspection that many of its crystals were broken and hanging at odd angles. In addition, its electrical connection was faulty. I have been purchasing articles from your firm from a long time and was very disappointed by such an occurrence. I assume the damage was caused in transit.

I am sending you a copy of the invoice for further reference. Kindly look into the matter and send me a replacement for the same at the earliest as I need it for a grand occasion.

In anticipation of your reply, I remain,

Yours sincerely, Priya Trivedhi

Sample 10

Jagruti Shetty House No. 506 Rainat Nagar Telangana 500 044

3rd March 2015

The Municipal Commissioner Ward D, Diksha Nagar Hyderabad, Telangana 500 069

Subject: Rainwater harvesting to solve water shortage

Dear Sir,

The geographic location of our state causes it to face water shortage every year. I believe that purchasing water tankers from neighbouring states is not a solution to this everlasting problem. These short-term measures will not rid us of the problem forever. Moreover, every one living in the state cannot afford to pay his share of money for purchased water.

I would like to suggest the method of rainwater harvesting. A presentation by an NGO in our school made me realise that this method is indeed very effective. We need to remember that we receive

abundant rains every year. The scarcity of natural and artificial means of harvesting this rainwater is our problem.

We the students at Maheshwari High School were so impressed by the idea that all of us contributed and made it happen. The pipelines and the water tank were put in place last year and I am glad to inform you that this year none of the students were forced to miss school due to scarcity of drinking water.

I am confident that if the government considers the idea and proposes that every office building and housing society makes a onetime investment in this project, our state will soon have its own reservoir of water. All we need is a nudge from the authorities and a little guidance to go with it.

I hope that you take my suggestion into account while planning for our city and state.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely, Jagruti Shetty

NCERT/CBSE Class 6th English Grammar