NCERT/CBSE Class 6th English Dialogue Writing (Grammar)

NCERT/CBSE Class 6th English Dialogue Writing (Grammar)

NCERT/CBSE Class 6th English Dialogue Writing (Grammar)


What is a Dialogue?

A dialogue is a conversation between two individuals on a topic understood and related to by both. It is an exchange of thoughts and opinions on any kind of topic or issue. A dialogue may either aim to form a concurrence of thought or to differentiate one‟s point of view from the others.

Format of a Dialogue

A dialogue does not have any distinct format. However, some rules need to be followed to avoid confusion while pairing a statement with its speaker.

  • When the names of speakers are not mentioned, the dialogues should be written within quotation marks.

Example: “I have an appointment today.” “What time is it?”

  • In such cases, attributions like „he said‟, „she replied‟ etc. should also be included. Example: “I do not trust that man,” he said.
  • An attribution when used at the beginning of a sentence should always be followed by a comma (,). Example: She said, “This is the clue we were looking for.”
  • When names of the speakers are included, they should be followed by a colon mark (:). Example: Rita: How may I help you?

Mr Rao: Could you tell me the way to the boardroom?

  • Every time the speaker changes, a new line should be used. Example: Mother: What time will you be back?

Sara: The class will get over by 4, so I should be home by 4.30.

Mother: I may not be at home when you come, but I will make some snacks for you before leaving.

Tips for Writing a Dialogue

  • A written dialogue should appear spontaneous; therefore, do not include elaborate sentences.
  • While writing a dialogue, ensure that thoughts are expressed clearly.
  • Make a short outline at the beginning so that all important points are given sufficient credit.
  • Arrangement of ideas in a logical sequence is equally important. Jumping back and forth with thoughts makes the piece appear immature.

Sample Dialogues

Sample 1

Mahesh: Excuse me sir.

Rohan: Yes, how may I help you?

Mahesh: Could you tell me which railway station is the nearest?

Rohan: Sure! The Grant Road railway station is the nearest one from this place. Mahesh: Okay. And how do I reach there?

Rohan: Oh, it‟s quite simple. You walk straight for about ten minutes. You will reach a traffic signal.

There you will see a small park in the centre of the road.

Mahesh: And after that?

Rohan: You cross the road and take the bylane which has Irani hotels on both sides. You walk for another two minutes and there you will see the railway station.

Mahesh: Thank you, sir. You have been very helpful. Have a good day! Rohan: You are welcome.

Sample 2

Jeet: Hello! Am I speaking to Mr Raman Shah? Mr Shah: Yes, who is this?

Jeet: Hello Sir. My name is Jeet. I read your advertisement for a paying guest in today‟s newspaper and would like to enquire more about it.

Mr Shah: Oh yes! I have a spare flat which I would like to rent out.

Jeet: This flat you mentioned, where exactly is it located? Is it close to the station?

Mr Shah: It is on the second floor of Pravin Apartments which is about a two–three minute walk from the Santa Cruz railway station.

Jeet: Okay, could you give me some more details of the flat.

Mr Shah: It is a 1BHK flat, comfortable enough for at least four people. It is furnished with all the necessary facilities and your rent will include the cost of using all of them.

Jeet: What is the monthly rent of the flat? Will I have to pay a security deposit?

Mr Shah: The security deposit is twenty thousand, and the monthly rent is fifteen thousand. Jeet: If I take the house on rent, can I share it with one or two more people to ease my rent?

Mr Shah: You may, but you will have to inform me in advance about them and submit a copy of their identity proof to me before they move in. It is needless to say that I will need your ID proof too.

Jeet: I understand that. Thank you for the information. I will call you back once I make up my mind.

Sample 3

Krisha: Rohan, did you sign up for the annual school play?

Jiya: No, I didn‟t. I was out of town for a few days. When was the sign up? Krisha: It was from Monday to Wednesday. You are a day late.

Jiya: Oh, that‟s bad news; I would have loved to be a part of it.

Krisha: Yes, I know how much you love to act. That‟s why I found it odd when you did not show up for the auditions.

Jiya: What can I do now? Do you think I should ask Miss Kumudini for a chance to audition?

Krisha: Yes, you should. If you tell her your reason for being absent at the auditions she will surely give you a second chance.

Jiya: Do you really think so?

Krisha: Everyone has seen you act so well all these years. I am sure there will be no one who thinks you do not deserve it.

Jiya: Thanks a lot, Krisha. I will go at once and speak to Miss Kumudini. Bye. Krisha: Bye and all the best.

Sample 4

Ravi: Hi Amit, Why do you look so sad? Did you lose something? Amit: Yes! My pet dog Tommy has gone missing.

Ravi: When was the last time you saw him?

Amit: I saw him this morning when he went out for a stroll. Ravi: Do you let him go alone?

Amit: Yes! He is a very smart dog. He always goes down to play with the children and returns after awhile on his own. That is why I am so scared. You see he is of a very good breed.

Ravi: Do you believe someone must have stolen him? That could be a possibility. Amit: I have considered that. We already made a police complaint?

Ravi: Amit, I am really sorry for your loss. Do let me know if you need any help. Amit: Thanks a lot Ravi. I am glad that you are here for me.

Sample 5

Old lady: Thank you dear for you help. It is very rare to find a helping hand in today‟s world. What is your name dear and where do you live?

Girl: My name is Martha. I live in the yellow house down this lane. Old lady: So, you are the daughter of the McArthurs.

Martha: Yes, I am. Do you know my parents?

Old lady: Yes! Very well, I am Mrs Pears. I have known your parents since they got married and moved here. They are the kindest couple known to live in this part of town. No wander you have the same qualities. If I‟m not mistaken, you work abroad, right?

Martha: Yes, I do. I came to visit my family after a long time. The place has changed quite a lot since I last visited eight years ago.

Old lady: It sure has. Modernisation is coming down hard on our town too. I fear in a short while it may destroy our unique identity all together.

Martha: I do not believe so. As long as people like you and me value and nurture our ethnic culture, no external change can destroy it.

Old lady: I like your spirit, Martha, and for your sake, I will hope for the better. I have to go now. Give my regards to your parents.

Martha: I will. It was nice speaking to you. Good bye.

Bus conductor: Are you travelling alone, boy? Where are your parents?

Raju: Yes, I am, and my name is not boy; it is Raju. My parents are busy working in the farm.

Bus conductor: So Raju, where are you going without them? Do your parents know that you are travelling alone?

Raju: I am going to visit my grandparents. I don‟t think they will mind. It is not very far and they know I am a big boy.

Bus conductor: How are you so sure about it? You should have asked them before hopping onto any bus like this.

Raju: Well, they make me work in the fields just like they do. Doesn‟t that mean I am  grown up too? Besides, this is the same bus in which my mother goes to meet them.

Bus conductor: You need money to travel in this bus you know. Also, do you know the name of the place where your grandparents stay?

Raju: I know. Here, take these five rupees and give me a ticket to Pabal Nagar.

Bus conductor: Here is your ticket. If you stand at the same spot two hours later, you can catch this same bus and return home. Be safe Raju.

Raju: Thank you for your concern. I will see you on my way back.

Sample 7

First Teacher: Miss Joshi, How was your class, how is the new badge of students?

Miss Joshi: Miss Lily, The class is good. This year‟s students are very bright and energetic.

Miss Lily: True. I too have observed a visible improvement in the mental strength of students over the years.

Miss Joshi: The kind of exposure students receive today has greatly impacted their perception and grasping level.

Miss Lily: True, but don‟t you think this kind of exposure is similar to throwing them before the sharks? Miss Joshi: These are harsh words. Why do you say so, Miss Lily?

Miss Lily: I agree that children learn many new things from the media. But they can also be negatively influenced by it. As such tender age, they do not have the discerning power to judge what is right and wrong.

Miss Joshi: You are right to some extent. But that is where the role of parents and teachers comes in, doesn‟t it? That is what our jobs demand of us. It is our duty to guide them and help them make the right decisions.

Miss Lily: Yes, I agree. Though the interference of the media has made our job even more complicated; this is what we are called to do, and so, we have to work towards doing a good job. Thank you, Miss Joshi. Your outlook towards life is very refreshing.

Miss Joshi: You‟re most welcome. I have to go for my next class now. I‟ll see you around. Miss Lily: Okay bye.

Aakash: Hi Omkar! Why didn‟t you come to play football this weekend?  Omkar: I had gone to visit my brother with my family.

Aakash: Oh how is Puneet? It‟s been a long time since he last visited. Omkar: He is good. It was his birthday last Saturday.

Aakash: So, did y‟all have a party? Did you gift him anything?

Omkar: Yes, I got him a book which he was searching for since a long time. Pinkey made origami flowers and a card for him. He loved all of it.

Aakash: I‟m sure he did. I know how much he loves you all.

Omkar: We love him too. We stayed with him over the weekend. Mom cooked his favourite food and we had a small party.

Aakash: Sounds like you had a great time.

Omkar: Yes. So much so, that Pinkey began to cry when it was time to return. Aakash: I‟m glad he is well. Give him my regards whenever he calls.

Omkar: I‟ll assure you I will. I have to rush now; I‟ll see you around later.

Sample 9

Kajal: Hi Beena! Did you receive a letter from Rohan‟s school asking for a donation? Beena: Yes I did, I was going to ask you today itself; what have you thought about?

Kajal: What is left to think? This is preposterous. Such blunt demand for donations is illegal.

Beena: I agree, it is not the parents‟ duty to fund for the construction work undertaken by the school.

Kajal: Besides, the school already receives funds from the government for repairs and upgradation.

Beena: If it was a small amount it was understandable, but twenty five thousand? And what about those parents who have more than one child studying in the same school. How will they afford it?

Kajal: True. But you see, there will still be people who will pay the amount, especially the ones who are wealthy.

Beena: Such people do not realise that if they pay, the effort of everyone else who are against it will become irrelevant.

Kajal: We will still have to try. Someone has to speak to the school authorities and make them realise the implications of this demand.

Beena: I am glad the PTA meeting is approaching soon. I will surely raise this issue there and vote against it. I am surprised that the school made this decision without consulting the PTA.

Kajal: You are right. I will see you at the meeting this weekend then. Good bye. Beena: Good bye.

Teacher: Meena did you submit your History project.

Meena: No Miss, I haven‟t. I had jaundice last month, and therefore, I couldn‟t complete it. Teacher: So how long will you take to complete it?

Meena: Miss, please give me an extension. I am working on it, but I need some time.

Teacher: Meena since I know that you were seriously ill, I will give you time till this weekend. I cannot give you more time than that.

Meena: No Miss. This time is sufficient. I am extremely grateful for your consideration.

Teacher: You‟re welcome. Work hard and do a good job. I will speak to the assistant principal and inform her. Anyway, what is the topic of your project?

Meena: It is „Women during and after the Second World War‟.Teacher: Well, you have chosen a very good topic. I hope you do justice to it. Meena: I‟ll try my best Miss. Thank you once again.

NCERT/CBSE Class 6th English Grammar