Rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go 2023 | How to get Archen, Tirtouga & more

How to get the rarest Pokémon, Archon, Tirtuga and more in Pokemon GO 2023: There are hundreds of species to catch in Pokémon Go, but some are much harder than others. Only the most dedicated trainers will be able to catch these rare Pokémon.

In story-driven mainline Pokemon games, the rare creatures you can add to your team are always Legendary, as there’s usually only one of them available, and you’ll often have to complete games to encounter them.

But things are a little different in the non-linear world of Pokémon Go. Some Pokémon can only be caught during special events, some only spawn in specific areas of the world, and others need to be killed in raids before they have a chance to be caught.

Below, we’re going to look at some of the rarest creatures in Pokémon Go, like the arcane and through, as well as some tips and tricks on how you can help them get one step closer to completing your Pokédex.

The rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go in 2023

10. Pokemon Go 2023 Galarian Mr Mime

Pokemon Go 2022 Galarian Mr Mime
Pokemon Go 2023 Galarian Mr Mime

Gallerion Mr Mime made its Pokémon Go debut in December 2020 as part of a ticketed ‘Tap… Tap… Tapity-Tap…’ special research story, meaning it was an event-locked species for a long time (a practice Which has received quite a bit of feedback from the players).

Fortunately, it was available to obtain for free during the 2021 holiday event, but it was still quite difficult to obtain as it required a Trading Collection Challenge to complete. Now, it’s been shelved until Niantic decides to release it once again, which could go a long way.

9. Pokemon Go 2023 Goomy

Pokemon from the Kalos region are all pretty rare in general, but Goomy has been almost impossible to find since the Luminous Legends X event, where it made its Pokemon Go debut, ended back in May 2021.

Pokemon Go 2022 Goomy
Pokemon Go 2023 Goomy

8. Pokemon Go 2023 Sandile

You might not consider the Ground/Dark-type crocodile Sandile to be a particularly desirable catch, but in Pokemon Go, it’s gained a reputation for being incredibly hard to get. As a result, many Trainers will spend countless hours trying to get one.

Pokemon Go 2022 Sandile
Pokemon Go 2023 Sandile

The only way to get Sandile right now is to hatch it from a 12km Egg (otherwise known as a Strange Egg), and it’s got one of the lowest rates of all the potential hatches. Let’s not even get into how long it will take to fully evolve one into Krookodile!

7. Pokemon Go 2023 Melmetal

Despite being the first and only Pokemon to make its debut in Pokemon Go, Meltan certainly isn’t easy to find. Players either need to complete the Let’s GO, Meltan! Special Research – which only rewards a single Meltan – or activate a Mystery Box for multiple encounters

Pokemon Go 2022 Melmetal
Pokemon Go 2023 Melmetal

While getting a Meltan is difficult enough, it’s actually its evolved form, Melmetal, that earns its spot on our list of rarest Pokemon because you’ll need a ridiculous 400 Candy to evolve it. That’s a whole lot of Meltan to catch, something that could take you months – or even years – to achieve.

6. Pokemon Go 2023 Tirtouga

Fossil Pokemon have always been hard to get, regardless of which game you’re playing, but in Pokemon Go, the word ‘rare’ takes on a whole new meaning. One of the most recent Fossil additions, Tirtouga, is almost impossible to find now.

Pokemon Go 2022 Tirtouga
Pokemon Go 2023 Tirtouga

The Water/Rock-type made its debut in January 2020, and was briefly available to hatch from 7km Eggs during the February 2020 Fossil event. Since then, it’s only been available in the wild, but the chances of it spawning appear to be non-existent for most Trainers.

5. Pokemon Go 2023 Archen

Another rare Fossil Pokemon on our list is the Rock/Flying-type Archen, which also debuted in January 2020 alongside Tirtouga. Like that Pokemon, the main way to get Archen was previously in 7km Eggs, but now it’s only available in the wild.

Pokemon Go 2022 Archen
Pokemon Go 2023 Archen

Just because it’s available, though, doesn’t mean you’ll actually be able to find one. Its high rarity means that catching enough to evolve it into Archeops will be incredibly difficult, and you might have to spend your Rare Candy instead.

4. Pokemon Go 2023 Axew

The Unova region’s Axew, which eventually evolves into the intimidating Haxorus, has a reputation for being one of the rarest non-Legendary and non-Mythical creatures in Pokemon Go, thanks to its incredibly low spawn rate in the wild.

Pokemon Go 2022 Axew
Pokemon Go 2023 Axew

It is possible to hatch Axew from a 10km Egg, but it’s in the highest rarity tier, so the chances of this happening are very slim. It doesn’t help that 10km Eggs aren’t exactly common, either. Still, it might be your best chance.

3. Pokemon Go 2023 Pikachu Libre

This special costumed Pikachu might not be region-locked or exclusive to a specific event, but what makes it so rare is how difficult it is to obtain. As a result, you probably won’t be seeing many of them around.

Pokemon Go 2022 Pikachu Libre
Pokemon Go 2023 Pikachu Libre

In order to get Pikachu Libre, you need to reach the very last rank in the Go Battle League. Trainers who manage to get Legend Rank in a single season will be rewarded with an encounter with this rare Pokemon.

2. Pokemon Go 2023 Every single Unown

Unsurprisingly, the mysterious Unown is one of the rarest creatures in Pokemon Go, and getting yourself a full set of every Unown available (there are 26 of them!) can often seem like an impossible task.

Pokemon Go 2022 Every single Unown
Pokemon Go 2023 Every single Unown

Unown does appear in special events, like the recent Go Fest 2021 which allowed players to catch plenty of Unown F and Unown G. Outside of these events, though, your chances of finding them is ridiculously low.

1. Pokemon Go 2023 Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie

Our number one spot is technically three Pokemon, but that’s part of what makes them so rare. Each one only spawns in specific regions, and they don’t show up often at all. Getting your region’s Legendary is difficult enough, but getting the other two is even harder.

Pokemon Go 2023 Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie
Pokemon Go 2023 Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie

To find Azelf, you’ll need to be in the Americas and Greenland. Mesprit will only spawn in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India. Finally, Uxie is exclusive to the Asia-Pacific. This means you’ll need friends around the world or some big travel plans in order to catch them all.


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