Fortnite Redeem Codes Today November 2022

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Fortnite Redeem Codes Daily Update Codes 25 February 2022

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Fortnite Stats Bot

Fortnite Stats bot is a Discord bot made entirely in Python. Its main purpose it to provide any user with the stats of any Fortnite player with an image depicting their main stats. It uses Tracker Network’s Fortnite API to provide the user with the requested stats. Fortnite Stats Bot Commands !link platform epic_name !link … Read more

Fortnite controller update is now allowing console players to aim exactly like KBM

Fortnite controller update : Fortnite has released a revolutionary update. With it, console players will be able to have even more control over their target and possibly improve it. It is the latest attempt to bridge the gap between console, keyboard and mouse gamers and will likely revolutionize the gaming industry in a big way. … Read more

New Fortnite Update 19.30 Patch Notes Detail Motion Controls On New Platforms

New Fortnite Update : Fortnite is in motion with the 19.30 patch notes — literally. With the new update, players on the new platform can use motion controls previously only seen on Switch and Android platforms. The gyroscopic targeting and “flick stick” controls, created by input specialist Julian “Jib” Smart, are now playable on PS4, … Read more

Fortnite Leaks Reveal Uncharted Crossover Bundle Release Date, Skins more

Fortnite Leaks Reveal Uncharted Crossover Bundle : New Fortnite leaks have revealed an upcoming Uncharted crossover, coinciding with the release of the film adaptation of Naughty Dog’s acclaimed adventure series, starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg. Here’s everything we know, including details on the skins, release date, cost, and more. It probably won’t come as … Read more