12 RBSE/ CBSE Geography Model Paper 2020-21

Class 12
12 Geography Model Paper
MM:56          Time:2 hrs


Q1. Multiple Choice Questions:-

1. Which type of settlements are found in the lower valleys of mountainous regions?

(a) Dense      
(b) Scattered 
(c) Mixed 
(d) Palli                                                

2. The size of population in metropolitan city of India is:

(a) more than 5 lakh              
(b) more than 10 lakh
(c) more than 1 lakh
(d) more than 1 crore

3. The civilizations like Mohenjo Daro and Harrappa developed in:

(a) Pre – historic age 
(b) Ancient period
(c) Medieval period
(d) Modern period

4. Which of the following is a tertiary occupation:

(a) Agriculture            
(b) Energy production
(c) Transportation
(d) Management

5. Fifth level occupation does not include:

(a) Subject specialist  
(b) Decision maker
(c) Banker
(d) Advisor

6. The largest oceanic fishing area of the world is:

(a) Northern Altantic Ocean              
(b) Southern Atlantic Ocean
(c) Northern Indian Ocean
(d) Southern Pacific Ocean

7. What are tropical grasslands called in Sudan?

(a) Llanos                               
(b) Pampas
(c) Parkland
(d) Savanna

8. What is shifting agriculture called in Mexico?

(a) Jhooming                          
(b) Milpa
(c) lading
(d) Ray

9. Where was truck agriculture started?

(a) Asia                                               
(b) Denmark
(c) USA
(d) New Zealand

10. Which of the following activities is not a primary occupation?

(a) Hunting                                         
(b) Gathering
(c) Fishing
(d) Manufacturing

11. Which statement is not related to cottage industries?

(a) Local raw materials                      
(b) Labour by family members
(c) Low amount of product
(d) More capital

12. Which of the following is not an agriculture-based industry?

(a) Cotton textile Industry                  
(b) Rubber industry
(c) Cement industry
(d) Vegetable oil industry

13. Forest – based industry is:

(a) Leather industry                           
(b) Sugar industry
(c) Paper industry
(d) Aluminium industry

14. Which of the following is not an iron – steel center of India?

(a) Jamshedpur                                 
(b) Durgapur
(c) Rourkela
(d) Pittsburgh

15. Which of the following mode of power is not helpful in the decentralization of industries?        

(a) Hydro – electricity                        
(b) Coal
(c) Petroleum                                     
(d) Natural Gas

Fill in the blanks

16. The country …………. stands first in the world in raw silk production.

17. Coffee plantation in Brazil called………..

18. Large farms are made for animals which are called as………… .

19. Name two industries in which climate is an important factor.

20. Who includes indirect services in the category of Quaternary occupation?

21. Name the methods of iron-steel manufacturing.


Q2. Describe two characteristics of manufacturing industry?  2


Name the factors that affect the location of an industry.

Q3. In which regions of the world hunting is considered a main occupation even today?  2

Q4. Mention any five problems of rural settlements.   2


Q5. Differentiate between rural and urban settlements on the basis of-  3

  1. Occupation
  2. Population density
  3. Size of dwellings
  4. Effect of modernisation
  5. Social organisation


Mention the base of classification of urban settlements and describe its types.

Q6. What changes in human occupations took place during the medieval period?   3


What changes took place in human occupations in Ancient Age?

Q7. Classify the human occupations. 3


Identify the given images and write their characteristics.

12 RBSE/ CBSE Geography Model Paper 2020-21 – 12 Geography Model Paper

Q8. What is the meaning of truck-farming? Describe its main features. 3


Q9. What is the difference between nomadic pastoralism and commercial animal herding?4

Q 10. Write major characteristics of Rice dominant intensive subsistence agriculture. 4

Q11. What is the economic importance of minerals in present age?  4

Map skill

Q12. Show major iron and steel centres on the world map.  5


Show the leading cotton textile producing countries on the world map.

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